Technology Stack

In my 10+ years of IT experiences I had the opportunity to learn many awesome technologies. Over the years a go-to technology stack developed, with which I was able to successfully complete many projects. The approximate outline of the technology stack is as follows.

Primary Technologies Used

C# / ASP.NET Core / Blazor

C# is my go-to programming language. It is fully cross platform and has a large community surrounding it. For UI purposes I mostly use core coupled with Blazor.

EventStoreDb / MongoDb

About two years ago my focus shifted mainly on learning design patterns for larger applications with complex business domains. Since then, technologies like EventStoreDb for event sourcing and MongoDb as a query store accompany me almost every day.

Docker / Portainer

For managing created microservices I use Docker with Portainer as a user interface on top of it, but I will soon switch to K8 with K8 Lens because some of the needed features are missing in docker swarm.


For vision based processing tasks I use an OpenCV wrapper for c#.

Secondary Technologies Used

I also use other technologies like Python, C/C++, SQL, REST APIs, Refit, Polly, Autofac, Mapster and many more, but I would not consider them as part of my core technology stack, as I am using them differently on project to project basis.


  • C#

    8 years of experience

  • ASP.NET Core

    7 years of experience

  • Blazor

    5 years of experience

  • EventStoreDB

    I use EventStoreDB to store and deliver events to distributed event handlers.

  • MongoDB

    I use MongoDB to store the current state of aggregates for query purposes.

  • OpenCV

    For image processing projects I use an OpenCV wrapper for C#.

  • MediatR

    For the implementation of an effective CQRS pattern I use MediatR as broker.

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